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Bee Plants

Bee Plants

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    Veronica Gentianoides - Gentian Speedwell

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    Sweet Pea Royal Family Mix – Lathyrus Odoratus
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    Alcea Rosea Mix - Hollyhock

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      Bee Plants

      Which bee plants attract bees to the garden? Bee plants list

      Bees love flowering plants and love to visit gardens and balconies, where they can find many flowers. But what are the best bee plants? Which bee plants do you plant in the shade and which plants are suitable for a balcony? You can find a list of bee plants below.

      Best plants for bees

      To attract many bees to your garden, add bee-friendly flowering plants in the garden that bloom from early spring to late autumn. This is to ensure that honeybees get enough food all year round. The best plants for bees are:
      • Buddleia davidii
      • Veronica longifolia
      • Salvia officinalis
      • Vervain
      • Purple Coneflower
      • Lathyrus
      • Geranium
      • Phacelia tanacetifolia
      • Hollyhock
      • Snowdrops
      • Crocuses
      • Campanula
      • Grape hyacinths
      • Winter Aconite
      • Allium senescens

      When you plant these best plants for bees in your garden, you provide a variety of flowering plants for bees that they can enjoy.

      Bee plants shade

      By choosing the right bee plants shade, you can even turn a shade garden into an attractive bee habitat. Plant different types of Helleborus in the garden. This early flowering perennial thrives in shade and is available in many different coloured flowers. Mahonia, Skimmia, Pachysandra, Honeysuckle, Cherry laurel, Periwinkle and Bergenia are also very suitable in shaded gardens. With these different types of bee plants shade, you can transform any shady garden into a bee paradise.

      Bee plants balcony

      If you have a balcony, you can add bee-friendly plants to invite them. Attract bees by choosing the right bee plant balcony. For example, combine a small butterfly bush with Yarrow and Vervain. Bees also love flowering herbs. Herbs are thankful balcony plants, so it’s a win-win. Create a mini herb garden from herbs such as Mint, Thyme, Oregano, Lavender and Agastache (Liquorice plant). Not only do the bees enjoy herbs, but a mini kitchen garden is also useful to have at hand as well. So, you see, there are many bee plants to choose from to create a bee-friendly balcony.

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