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1240567564Kitchen_herbs.jpgThese days, you don’t have to run to the garden centre or the seed’s wholesaler to buy your herb seeds, you can shop comfortably without leaving your easy chair. Our web shop allows you to order your herb seeds, vegetable seeds and flower seeds whenever it suits you in an easy, fast and safe way, so you will have more free time for gardening. Check our wide selection of garden seeds, flower bulbs, fertilisers, weed and animal control products and all kinds of gardening supplies. So don’t just look for herb seeds, but also seed trays and fertiliser!

Buy your herb seeds at cheap prices at Koeman Garden Centre

The real gardener knows that sowing herb seeds and growing plants yourself is a lot cheaper than buying grown plants. You will have so much more fun sowing your own herb seeds in your seed tray or balcony tray, especially when after a few sunbeams and a splash of rain, you will see them grow into beautiful herbs! And it is even more fun to season your meals with your home grown herbs! And since herb seeds are so cheap, you can order and grow many varieties at the same time. Your herb garden will look great and will have a wonderful scent once the herb seeds of parsley, thyme, rosemary and sage will have bloomed to big herb plants.

Herb seeds: home grown scent, colour and flavour

Everyone must have a free sunny corner in the garden or on the balcony to create their own herb garden. If not, you can always hang pots or baskets decoratively on your garden wall or fence. Herbs are easily satisfied! You can also sow your herb seeds among your flowers, as most varieties are flowering, scenting and decorative. How about a bed of anise, chamomile and thyme, with a variation of basil and mint? These herbs are not only colourful and scenting, they are also very tasty! Curious? Check our website!

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