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Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

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      Christmas tree UK for sale online, best buying tips for December 25th

      Christmas tree UK for sale online. The festive month of December is right on our doorstep, and if you plan to make the most of this cherished season now is the time to start making your preparations. Christmas is indeed the cosiest time of the year; it is a time to relax with family and friends under twinkling fairy lights, candles and decorations. Moreover, Christmas would not be Christmas without a fragrant green Christmas tree full of coloured tinsel and shiny Christmas balls.

      1. How do you choose the right Christmas tree?
      2. How can you avoid buying a Christmas tree that loses all of its needles within the first week?
      3. And what to do if the tree you purchased doesn’t fit when you get it home?
      4. Do you prefer a real tree or an artificial one? 5. Is a potted tree better?
      6. What about needle loss? Should you choose a Nordmann or a traditional green fir?

      As you can see, it can be quite confusing to buy the perfect Christmas tree. Read the following tips to help make the decision easier.

      Which Christmas tree is the best to buy?

      Christmas trees are available in many varieties and sizes. The most well-known Christmas tree is the green Christmas spruce. This traditional Christmas tree exudes a delicious pine scent but loses its needles very quickly. The most popular Christmas tree in the UK is the Nordmann Fir. It is renowned for its needle-retaining ability and its beautiful shape. An added bonus is that its long, shiny dark green needles do not prick, making this a very family-friendly tree. Another option is conica, a mini-Christmas tree which is rapidly gaining in popularity. This small green conifer is ideal if you do not have much space, and looks particularly beautiful on the windowsill or on a side table. Decorated with fairy lights and coloured balls, it makes a cosy addition to any home. If you live in a flat or apartment and space is an issue, it may be worth considering buying an artificial tree. They do not shed needles, can be purchased in the perfect size for the space you have, and at the end of December, they can be boxed away again ready for the new year. As a bonus, consider the savings on towing costs you will make not needing to collect a tree each Christmas as well.  

      How expensive is a Christmas tree?

      In the past, the relatively cheap green fir was the tree of choice, but the Nordmann fir has rapidly gained popularity in recent years. Unsurprisingly the price of a Christmas tree varies considerably depending on its size and the variety. Why do Christmas trees differ in cost so much? Well, a Nordmann is usually more expensive than a pine fir because it grows much more slowly than a pine fir. The age of the tree is obviously a reflection of its cost. When buying your Christmas tree compare the quality versus the price to help you determine whether you are getting value for money. If you do not have to stick to a budget, then compare the characteristics of the different tree species to help you make your choice. Keep in mind needle loss, fragrance and overall size. Tip: Adopt a tree or chop a tree of your own. Some tree farms will allow you to harvest a tree of your choice on their grounds. This is often a cheaper way to get your tree, and you can find yourself a good deal by shopping around. Another alternative is to adopt a Christmas tree. Adopting a Christmas tree is comparable in price to hiring a Christmas tree. Once the festive season is over this tree is replanted, making it a very eco-friendly option for the environmentally conscious.

      What should I look for when buying a Christmas tree?

      Before making a purchase, it is wise to do a little homework first. Regardless of whether you have already decided on the style of Christmas tree you want: being prepared will make buying the perfect tree a whole lot easier. For example, before you buy the right tree it is important to know where you want to place it at home. That way, you can take into account the height and width of the tree your need – as well as its maximum size, not to mention whether a tree with a root ball or without is better suited to you.

      The best place for your Christmas tree

      Christmas trees prefer a spot in the home where there is ample light but is not too hot either. To enjoy your tree for the longest time possible, it is best not to place the tree in bright or direct sunlight, and especially not next to a heater or radiator. This is important to prevent dehydration of the tree and to minimise the pace at which it loses its needles. Before choosing the ideal spot in your room for the tree, you need to ensure there is enough space for it, and carefully consider whether the tree is suited to the position as well. Measure how high you want the tree to be, and don’t forget that you still need room to place a delightful tree topper on it as well. When measuring also take into account whether you will set the tree on the ground or on something higher. Tip: To help your Christmas tree acclimatise to its new surroundings, leave it in a cool place like the shed or garage for a day before moving it into the main house.

      What is better? A potted Christmas tree or a Christmas tree without one?

      If you want to keep your Christmas alive for as long as possible, then choosing a tree with a root ball or in a pot is going to be the best option. Trees that are allowed to keep their roots suffer less needle loss, especially when you make sure the tree gets enough water and the soil in the pot is kept moist. The extra advantage is that you can replant a potted tree after Christmas and watch it continue to grow. If you buy a tree which has been sawn off, place it in a Christmas tree stand with its own water reservoir. Just before putting the tree in the standard, freshly saw the trunk about 5 cm from the base, so that the tree can properly absorb the water. This prevents the tree from drying out too quickly.

      Christmas trees for sale online

      Christmas trees for sale online. Buy a Nordmann Christmas tree online in our webshop.

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