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Mole control

Mole control products for sale online at Garden Centre Koeman. We offer you the highest quality garden tools, plants, seeds and flower bulbs. Buy mole control products easily online!
    Mole trap – Luxan

    Mole trap – Luxan

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      Mole control for sale online

      Mole control for sale online in our webshop. Does your garden suffer from annoying molehills? Has burrowing and digging destroyed your garden once again? Then perhaps it is time to take action and control your mole problem. There are several methods available to do this, the most common of them being the mole clamp. This special clamp can be placed directly into the mole tunnel and is used to eliminate mole nests. This is quite a ruthless device though, and mole caught will have very little chance of surviving the clamp. Do you want to find a more animal-friendly solution? Then choose our anti-mole gauze. Apply this gauze at a depth of about 10 centimetres in the area where your new grass is going to be laid. Take caution when scarifying your lawn though, as working too deep will damage the gauze. Another alternative is to purchase yourself a mole repellent. There are several variants to choose from; one works with ultrasound frequencies, the other with sound and vibrations that are converted into seismic waves. Not only moles but also other underground rodents such as voles and gophers are very sensitive to this and will avoid your garden. Buy mole control online in our webshop today.

      Mole control

      Mole control methods have come in many forms over the years. In the past, a common approach was to use sulphur rods or carbide. These were inserted into the tunnel system, creating a sulphur vapour which filtered its way through the burrow. Unfortunately, this is only a temporary solution to the problem, and these days there are much more effective methods available for controlling moles. Whatever way you are considering, be sure to select the one which suits you and your beautifully landscaped garden best. Come and view the range in our pesticide webshop, where you can conveniently buy your mole control online.

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