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Mouse control

Mouse control products for sale online at Garden Centre Koeman. We offer you the highest quality garden tools, plants, seeds and flower bulbs. Buy mouse control products easily online!
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    Anti-mouse - Tomorin against mice - Luxan

    Anti-mouse - Tomorin against mice -..

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    Mousetrap (2) - Luxan

    Mousetrap (2) - Luxan

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      Mouse control

      Mouse control and eradication are imperative if you suffer from the presence of mice on your property. Of course, you can always opt for a pet cat to chase the mice away or hire a professional company to destroy them, but there are other low-cost options available as well to fight these vermin yourself. We have various mouse control options available in our webshop for you to choose from. You are probably already familiar with the traditional mousetrap, and now we have taken this classic device and modernised it. Constructed of sturdy plastic, mouse traps are guaranteed to work effectively can be re-used multiple times. Buy mouse control products in our online pesticide webshop today.

      Mouse control for sale online

      Mouse control for sale online, including a range of ultrasound products. The advantage of using ultrasound is that it is effective against multiple rodents; the disadvantage is that it is not practical inside the average home. For control of mice inside a house, we recommend a control product that is for indoor use only. Formulated from a special cereal mixed with poison, the product is supplied in sealed bags that you place inside custom bait boxes. The mice will gnaw through the bags by themselves and do not require you to open them. Just place the bait boxes in the vicinity of small holes or in places where the mice regularly forage for food. Keep re-filling the cereal mix when empty until you can see it is no longer being eaten, and then it is safe to assume all the mice are gone. This method may require more patience but is very effective, and the mice will not be back anytime soon. Do you need mouse control products? Then come and buy them easily and conveniently online with us.

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