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Rat control

Rat control products for sale online at Garden Centre Koeman. We offer you the highest quality garden tools, plants, seeds and flower bulbs. Buy rat control products easily online!
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    Mouse & rat free 130 m2 – Ecostyle

    Mouse & rat free 130 m2 – Ecostyl..

    1 packaging only
    £ 58.99

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    Brodilux grain bait 50 g against mice – Luxan

    Brodilux grain bait 50 g against mi..

    1 packaging only
    £ 4.99

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    Rat trap plastic - Luxan

    Rat trap plastic - Luxan

    1 packaging only
    £ 9.99

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    Rat trap wood - Luxan

    Rat trap wood - Luxan

    1 packaging only
    £ 3.99

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      Rat control for sale online

      Rat control for sale online to drive rats and mice away from both inside and around your home. There are various environmentally friendly options available to control and repel unwanted vermin. One option is to catch the rodents with traps and then release them in a location far from your property. We have a range of wooden and electric rat traps which are designed especially for this. We also stock products that can repel rats with utltrasonic soundwaves so that they will be forced to find another place to nest. Choose the best method that suits your property and the pests that you wish to control.

      Ultrasonic rat repellent and mouse repellent

      Ultrasonic rat repellent and mouse repellent for sale online to instantly drive these pests out of your home in an environmentally friendly way. Install the ultrasonic pest repeller and the high-pitch frequencies emitted by the device do the rest of the work. With minimal effort you can rid yourself of the nuisance caused by mice and rats. Tip: As soon as the mice and rats have been driven out of your house, find the place where they made their way in and close it. This is very important as these vermin only need a tiny hole to make their way inside.

      Repelling rats with sound

      By repelling rats with sound, you can control nuisance vermin in an environmentally friendly way. Like most animals, the hearing of mice and rats is far more developed than a humans. Their ears are much more sensitive, especially to higher frequencies. By disturbing the living environment of a mouse or a rat with high frequencies you can force them to start looking for another place to nest. Considering repelling rats with sound? Then visit our webshop where you can buy all kinds of rat control online.

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