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Moss agent is the solution to permanently get rid of moss in your lawn

Moss growth in lawns is a problem most gardeners have to face and deal with at some stage or other. Luckily, moss in lawns is easy to eradicate with moss agent. Moss agent is the ideal solution if you wish to permanently get rid of moss in your lawn. It is an easy to use garden product, that can be used in dry form on wet moss, or dissolved in water and applied on mossy areas with a watering can or spray bottle.

A beautiful lawn is possible using moss agent

Moss doesn’t kill your lawn, but it will slowly grow and spread out if your grass is in poor condition. There are many reasons gardeners are faced with an invasion of moss in their lawns. Moss grows mainly in shady, moist areas. Poor soil conditions or lawns that are too wet and un-aerated can also promote moss growth. To get rid of moss effectively, use Bayer Garden Moss agent. Once the moss is eradicated, it’s essential to improve the quality of your lawn to discourage future moss growth.

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Prevention is better than a cure. Once the moss is removed, it’s important to improve the health of your lawn to prevent the moss from growing back. You can do this by adding agricultural lime (Lime-AZ) to control the soils acidity and fertilizing regularly with Anti Moss + Lawn Fertilizer 25m2 - Asef Evergreen. Any bare patches in your lawn can be re-sown with grass seeds. At gardencentrekoeman.co.uk you can buy all the necessary garden products you need to improve the quality of your lawn, with top brands like Bayer Garden, Ecostyle and Asef. All of our gardening products can easily be bought online for low prices. We ensure a fast delivery and free shipping!

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