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Pot plants

Pot plants

Pot plants for sale online at Garden Centre Koeman. We offer you the highest quality garden tools, plants, seeds and flower bulbs. Buy Pot plants easily online!
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Acanthus Hungaricus

Pot Plants for sale online at Garden Centre Koeman

Top quality Pot Plants for sale at Garden Centre Koeman. Almost any plant can be grown as a pot plant. Pot plants are very versatile and container gardening is a lot of fun. With potted plants, it is so easy to add an extra splash of colour to your garden. Pots and containers can be placed. Please browse through our beautiful pot plant collection in our web shop.

How to care for Pot Plants

Of course you can plant pot plants in a flower border, but you can also plant them in containers. They are so easy to care for. Container gardening gives you a lot of flexibility and is a lot of fun. You can use every tiny bit of garden space you have by filling them up with pot plants. Should you decide to give container gardening a go, please consider the following:
  • Choose pots and containers carefully: make sure they have holes in the bottom, so water can flow out freely. You can also try your hand at vertical gardening with verti-plant hangers.
  • Potting compost and fertilisation: good quality potting compost is essential to ensure your pot plants grow well. Pot plants also need regular fertilising.
  • Choosing your plants carefully: some plants are shade loving and others sun loving. You don’t place shade loving plants in full hot sunshine. Keep placement in mind when choosing your pot plants.
  • Care: if you have limited time, choose low maintenance pot plants that need little to no attention and care to thrive. For example: grasses, succulents, some tropical plants and Mediterranean herbs like thyme and rosemary thrive in hot and dry conditions.
  • Winter: some pot plants are not winter hardy. Pot and container plants can be easily placed in a frost free environment once winter sets in.

Growing pot plants outside

Growing pot plants outside is not difficult. And they are a welcome garden addition! Simply follow the simple rules listed above and you are ready to go and create your very own lovely container garden.

Buy Pot Plants online

Buy pot plants online in our easy to use webshop. Simply add the products you wish to buy to your shopping cart and click on checkout. Once your order is fulfilled, it will be delivered to your home within a few days, ready to enjoy! Are you looking for beautiful pot plants? Click on the following link to view our extensive range. We wish you lots of gardening fun!

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