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In these days of online shopping, isn’t it great to even order your gardening supplies online?

While you are working in the garden, your order is already on its way to you! Our accessible website and extensive product descriptions will make it easy for you to find and order the seeds of your choice! We not only offer flower seeds, vegetable seeds and herb seeds for the casual hobbyist or the professional farmer, we also supply flower bulbs, fertilisers and pesticides. On top of that, you will find on our website all kinds of gardening products and other supplies to make gardening easier. Why would you go all the way to the garden centre just to buy a few packets of garden seeds? Save time and energy and order your seeds at Garden Centre Koeman!

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Whether you want to sow flower seeds to grow geraniums, marigolds or petunias, or vegetable seeds for the most delicious carrots, leek or kale: all our seeds have the highest gardener’s quality, which is a guarantee for a beautiful flower bed… or a delicious vegetable meal! If you take a closer look at our site, you will also find ‘forgotten’ or unknown seed varieties, such as the tasty leaf chicory or the border flower rose of heaven. Try to find those in the average garden centre!

Ordered seeds? Let the gardening fun begin!

No matter how many packets of seeds you order, they will be delivered superfast without charges, so you can get started right away! On top of that, all our packets have a clear product description and planting instructions: success guaranteed! Obviously, it’s a lot cheaper to buy seeds instead of grown plants and it’s so much fun to see your home grown seeds turn into beautiful flowers, herbs or vegetables. Buy your garden seeds and other gardening supplies today in our web shop and enjoy your beautiful flower bed or a full kitchen garden!

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