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Grass seeds

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    Sowing Grass Seeds 500 gr - Ecostyle
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    Grass Seed Plus 250 gr - Ecostyle

    Grass Seed Plus 250 gr - Ecostyle

    1 seeds only
    £ 8.99

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    Grass Seed Plus 500 gr - Ecostyle

    Grass Seed Plus 500 gr - Ecostyle

    1 seeds only
    £ 14.99

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    Sowing Grass Seeds 250 gr - Ecostyle
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      Buy grass seeds online

      Buy grass seeds online to establish a beautiful lawn in your garden. Wonderfully green, grassy lawns are always an asset in any garden. A grass lawn is a thing of beauty and eases the eye as your flowers and plants surround it like a frame. Grass brings an extra architectural element to the garden. There are more than 100 different grass species, and a beautiful lawn often consists of a mix of various grasses. The species most suitable for a lawn in any garden are closely linked to the function of the green. Is the lawn purely ornamental, or will the grass be used daily for activities, like walking and playing? Just as important is where the lawn is positioned in your yard. Is it in the shade, in the direct sunlight, or maybe in a humid location? Once you have considered these factors carefully, you will be ready to go ahead and begin planting your lawn. Browse and buy grass seeds online in our webshop.

      Play lawn grass seeds

      Buy play lawn grass seeds to grow a lawn that can easily withstand a push and shove. Sowing a lawn with play lawn grass seed will make sure you create a lawn area which is durable and can tolerate people playing and walking on it. To do this usually requires a grass seed mix combining several strong grass varieties. By combining fine and coarser grasses in this mix, you will have a beautiful green carpet all year long in your garden. You can create a play lawn yourself by sowing your own seed in the location where you desire. Buy play lawn grass seeds online in our webshop for a beautifully green, eye-catching feature that can be truly lived on.

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