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Throughout the Netherlands and definitely in the Noord-Holland region, Sneeboer Garden Tools is a household name. The Sneeboer family business has been making very high quality garden tools using traditional methods since 1913. Through our webshop you can choose from various types of Sneeboer Garden Tools, all of which have been made by skilled craftsmen for more than a century. Sneeboer Garden Tools are available in various lengths and various types of wood are used for the handles, such as cherry and ash. The design of Sneeboer Garden Tools is particularly attractive. A famous saying goes: “if you’ve ever held a Sneeboer, you’ll never want anything else”.

Sneeboer Garden Tools for garden lovers that appreciate quality and traditional tools

You are a garden lover who appreciates quality and you like to work with traditional quality tools. Koeman Garden Centre has an extensive range of Sneeboer’s quality and traditional garden tools in its range, of which the impressive design, durability, light weight and corrosion resistant characteristics are trademarks. There is always a suitable Sneeboer garden tool to meets your needs because Sneeboer strives to continuously develop new and innovative tools.

Sneeboer Garden Tools: a pleasure to work with!

Koeman Garden Centre stands for quality, even when it comes to garden tools. For every job, digging, raking, weeding, turning over soil, you name it and there is a suitable Sneeboer for it. Sneeboer Garden Tools are not only pleasing to the eye, but they are also a pleasure to work with. And should you be looking for a suitable gift, look no further than Sneeboer Garden Tools. After all, Sneeboer has also produced a special ladies line and children’s tools. Why choose machine made garden tools when you can have the finest Sneeboer tools for the same price. Have a look in our webshop and view our range of Sneeboer Garden Tools, you will surely not be disappointed!

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Height:  100cm
Spread:  45cm

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