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Winter flowering plants

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    Helleborus Orientalis Mix (Container Plant)

    Helleborus Orientalis Mix (Container Plant)

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    Helleborus Orientalis Mix (Pot Plant)

    Helleborus Orientalis Mix (Pot Plant)

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    Helleborus Niger

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      Buy winter flowering plants online

      Buy winter flowering plants online to create your own colourful winter garden. In addition to plants that stay green all winter, there are also plants for sale that will bloom during the colder months. Winter blooms bring life and colour to an otherwise bare garden. Position them next to a window so you can enjoy their wonderful flowers throughout winter. Though there are not many plants that flower in winter, there is still a nice variety for you to choose from. One well-known winter bloomer is viburnum. Viburnum, or winter snowball, blossoms with beautiful white or pink flowers in winter or early spring. These spectacular flowers give off a delicious fragrance and cannot be missed in a thriving winter garden. Hellebores, which include Christmas roses and winter roses, are also winter flowering plants. These beautiful blooms, which you can often see in the wild on vast alpine pastures or in mountainous areas, are available in different types and sizes. Truly no one is particularly more beautiful than the other – they are all a delight. Buy your winter flowering plants online in our web shop today for a colourful winter garden.

      Annual winter flowering plants

      Annual flowering winter plants bring colour to your garden during the dark, colder months. Cheerfully blooming winter violets or winter heather are just a couple of annual winter bloomers to consider. The ability to blossom all season makes the winter violet a particularly appealing choice. In freezing weather the winter violets lie flat to the ground, but once the frost has disappeared, they will raise their blooms once again. Winter violets are available in many different colours, from cheerful yellow to beautiful dark purple, from light or bright blue, to white and red. With so much colour variation, these maintenance-friendly winter bloomers are a real asset. Planted in the "full soil" or in pots, these annual plants provide a lot of happiness in the bare winter garden. Tip: Winter violets are excellent to combine with hellebores and winter heather. Winter heather has perennial as well as annual species, the annual species blooming more exuberantly than perennial species. This colourful ground cover will provide you with an outstandingly beautiful flowering rug of pink, lilac or white in your garden. Buy annual winter flowering plants online today.

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