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Winter Hardy


How hardy are my plants? Winter hardy perennials

How hardy are my plants? Winter hardy perennials are an asset in the garden. Most of the popular perennials we sell online are winter hardy, except sub-tropical plants and summer-flowering bulbs. These plants should be taken inside during the cold winter months. Summer flowering bulbs can be carefully lifted after flowering so they can overwinter in a frost-free environment, like a garden shed for example. Tip: Plant summer flowering bulbs in pots.

Hardy climbing and ground cover plants

Because most hardy perennials wither and die back during the autumn months, it is a good idea to plant hardy winter green climbing and ground cover plants in the garden. These plants are evergreen and very attractive during the winter months. Also, plant evergreen plants such as boxwood. Boxwood makes excellent hedges and is a beautiful structure plant. Most hardy perennial plants lose their leaves during the winter and disappear underground. Many gardeners prune their plants when winterizing the garden. But if you leave the withered stalks and seed heads on the plants, they become a very attractive garden feature during the winter months, when they are covered with frost or snow.

Hardy perennials for sale online

Hardy perennials are for sale online. View our extensive range of winter hardy plants in our online shop and buy your favourite hardy perennials, hedge plants and hardy vines from the comfort of your own home. Create a beautiful and balanced garden by carefully combining different types of hardy perennials by height and flowering type.
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