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Prune wisteria

Prune wisteria
Posted on 18-7-2023 by Nina-Beheerder

How do I prune Wisteria?

To keep a Wisteria under control and ensure it blossoms optimally, prune it twice a year. This way you will prevent it from growing into a tangled mess and enjoy an entrancing waterfall of beautiful flower clusters. Did you also know wisteria mainly blooms on the short side branches which shoot off the main branch? The best time to prune wisteria is in the spring and summertime. After a period of exuberant growth and flowering in the late summer, the lateral branches will have grown enormously. This is the perfect time to cut back them back to about forty to fifty centimetres, leaving about five or six leaves on each branch. By cutting back Wisteria in this way, you will make sure the creeper easily survives the winter. Around January to February, it is time to take the shears once again to prune your wisteria. Now that the plant has survived the winter, you can prune the side branches back to about ten to fifteen centimetres. Also, ensure that you cut the branches back to two or three buds.

When can I plant a Wisteria?

You can plant Wisteria all year round, except when your garden soil is frozen. Wisteria likes to feel the sunlight shine through its branches. Therefore a spot in the full sun where the plant can enjoy the warm rays for at least six hours a day is recommended. Wisteria likes to be planted in somewhat moist soil, rich in nutrients, so choose where you position this creeper with care. Wisteria belongs to the leguminous plant species, and once matured may cope poorly with being transplanted.

Wisteria not flowering

Wisteria not flowering? In the first few years, Wisteria puts all its energy into growing and climbing. Originally growing mainly in forests, this plant must climb to the top of a lot of trees to pick up some direct sunbeams. Only when it has finished climbing will this creeper start to produce flowers, and this can take from five to ten years. Once it has finished climbing, your patience will be richly rewarded with a beautiful waterfall of flower clusters come springtime. If your wisteria is about ten years old and not flowering, it is recommended that you take a good look at its location. Is this sun-worshipper getting enough sunlight, and does it also have enough shelter? With Wisteria the mantra is: no sun, no flowers. And what about soil conditions? Is the soil type good? If the soil is rich in stick litter, it will result in a lot of leaves but very few flowers. Do not give Wisteria too much fertiliser either because it is important not to spoil it too much if you wish to enjoy a good harvest of blooms. Make your Wisteria work for its growth, and do not forget pruning stimulates your wisteria and will encourage it to blossom.

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