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Buddleja for sale online at Garden Centre Koeman. We offer you the highest quality garden tools, plants, seeds and flower bulbs. Buy Buddleja easily online!
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    Butterfly bush Purple Emperor - Buddleja
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    Butterfly bush White Profusion - Buddleja
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    Butterfly bush Black Knight - Buddleja
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    Butterfly-bush Empire Blue - Buddleja
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    Butterfly bush Lilac Chip - Buddleja
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    Butterfly bush Ile de France - Buddleja
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    Butterfly-bush Blue Chip - Buddleja

    Butterfly-bush Blue Chip - Buddleja

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      Buy Butterfly Bush plants online

      Buy Butterfly Bush plants online. The Buddleia, also known as butterfly bush, has wonderfully fragrant flowers, in a variety of colours. This along with its long flowering habit makes it a much-loved favourite for many garden lovers. And of course, butterflies love it too. Originally from China, butterfly bush is now found throughout Europe. This shrub flourishes in Mediterranean countries and is found growing in the wild. You will often encounter butterfly bush in dedicated butterfly gardens, pick gardens and ornamental gardens. They also make a flower border extra special. Plant them in the back of the flower border, combined with campanula, geranium, purple coneflower and hibiscus.

      Butterfly Bush Pruning and Planting

      Butterfly Bush pruning and planting (Buddleia). Plants are best planted during or after springtime. When planting, it is important to wait until half May, when the danger of frost is gone. Butterfly bushes are known to root well. They are also not too fussy about where you plant them. Although they prefer a full sun position, it will adapt itself if planted in a semi-shaded garden spot, although will grow more spindly. Butterfly Bushes can tolerate severe pruning to maintain its size. The flowers of the butterfly bush grow to a length of 30 cm rapidly and sport dark purple, white, pink, lemon yellow or orange colours which are good to use as a cut flower display. Buddleia plants are suitable for any garden. Suitable for every gardener that loves and butterflies. Buy buddleia plants online today.

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