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    Xotica Okra

    Xotica Okra

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    Rose Mallow (Hibiscus) 'Red Heart'
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    Rose Mallow (Hibiscus) 'Woodbridge'
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    Rose Mallow (Hibiscus) 'Oiseau Bleu'
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    Rose Mallow (Hibiscus) 'William R. Smith'
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      Hibiscus for sale online

      Hibiscus for sale online. With large flowers that come in many striking colours, this stunning plant is well-loved and features predominantly in many gardens around the world. Coming from Mediterranean, subtropical and tropical regions, the various species flourish and thrive well in warmer climates. Hibiscus has large, strikingly beautiful trumpet-shaped flowers in red, white, pink, purple or yellow. It brightens every garden, terrace or balcony. Planted in light soil in a sunny spot, it combines beautifully with buddleia (butterfly bush), Agastache or persicaria. Whether chosen as a solitary feature plant or in the flower border combined with perennials and shrubs, hibiscus brings a cheerful touch to any ornamental garden, balcony or terrace.

      Hibiscus syriacus

      Hibiscus syriacus, also known as Althea, is one of the most popular varieties. Althea, the national flower of South Korea, thrives exceptionally well in a temperate climate. As a result, this plant is very suitable for the English seasons and easily survives English winters. The bush loses its leaves in winter and then blooms white, blue, pink, red or purple flowers from August to October. When in bloom, the plant is not particularly fond of rain though. During a rainy summer, the blossoms often fall unopened from the plant, while in sunny summers they flourish beautifully. Did you know that some Hibiscus types are used as vegetables or processed into cordials, teas or jam?

      Pruning hibiscus

      Pruning hibiscus is not difficult and not necessary to do all that often because it has a beautiful shape of its own. If the shrub does begin to grow out of shape, cut the young branches off to bring it back into line. For a drastic prune, it is best to cut the plant back until it is around 50 centimetres above soil level.
      More information about pruning Hibiscus?

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