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Hosta plants

Hosta plants for sale online at Garden Centre Koeman. We offer you the highest quality garden tools, plants, seeds and flower bulbs. Buy Hosta plants easily online!
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    Blue Hosta Sieboldii / Sieboldiana Elegans
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    Hosta Aureomarginata (Pot plant)
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    Hosta 'Frances Williams (Pot plant)
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    Hosta Halcyon

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      Buy your Hostas online at Koeman Garden Centre

      Hostas are striking, graceful plants that thrive in shady spots and are mainly appreciated for their wonderful and graceful leaves, although the flowers are beautiful too. The Hostas in our range have various types of leaf and have different flowering times so it’s definitely worth saving a spot in the garden to plant several varieties of Hostas. They are also extremely relaxing to look at, almost Zen.

      Hostas adorn your garden

      Hostas originate from rainy areas in Asia and require no complicated care. However, you do need to ensure that your Hostas get enough water. Hostas are also easy to split and you can do this at the end of spring or late in summer. Snails are also very fond of Hostas so protect them against snail feeding by choosing organic snail pesticides from our range.

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