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Crocus bulbs

Crocus bulbs for sale online at Garden Centre Koeman. We offer you the highest quality garden tools, plants, seeds and flower bulbs. Buy Crocus bulbs easily online!
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Crocus Botanical Mix

100 bulbs only
£ 14.99 £ 9.99
e-mail when available

Crocus Ruby Giant

100 bulbs only
£ 14.99 £ 9.99
e-mail when available

Crocus Miss Vain

75 bulbs only
£ 12.99 £ 9.99
e-mail when available

Crocus Vanguard

Crocus Vanguard

12 bulbs only
£ 3.99
e-mail when available

Bee Collection

Bee Collection

40 bulbs only
£ 9.99
e-mail when available

Crocus Bulbs for Sale Online

Crocus Bulbs for Sale Online Crocus Bulbs are for sale via our online garden centre. Our gardens are usually pretty dull and boring after a long, bleak winter. Which is why you should plant early spring-flowering bulbs to give your garden that much-needed bit of colour to brighten it up. Crocus bulbs are easy to grow spring-flowering bulbs that will add that much needed bit of colour. These beautiful little flowers emerge as soon as the growing season sets in, and some varieties even push through the last bouts of winter snow. Crocus bulbs are fantastic for naturalising in the backyard. They look especially lovely growing in lawns and underneath shrubs and trees. These beautiful flowers are also an excellent addition to woodland gardens and look stunning planted in between your perennial flower borders, adding interest during an otherwise dull time of year. Croci are woodland plants that are too small to grow as stand-alone plants, although they do look lovely in pots growing on the garden table. Try mass planting crocuses for a stunning effect. By mass planting crocus bulbs in your lawn or flower borders, you can turn any garden area into a floral carpet of purple, yellow, orange, white and blue coloured blooms.

Organic Crocus bulbs Bulk

For mass planting, you can buy bulk packs of mixed crocus bulbs in our webshop. And if you enjoy organic gardening, we also sell organic crocus flower bulbs in bulk too. Crocuses have a lovely scent that bees are very attracted to. So planting organic bulbs is an added bonus for these beneficial insects.

Crocus Bulbs Flowering and Planting time

The flowering time of your crocus bulbs really depends on the variety you choose. Large flowering crocuses and varieties like the popular, vintage Crocus Tommasinianus Roseus, Crocus Miss Vain and Crocus Tommasinianus Ruby Giant bloom from February to March. The ideal time to plant these bulbs is early to late autumn. Plant your bulbs in fertile, well-drained garden soil. Although crocuses do tolerate a little shade, be sure to plant them where they receive enough sunlight to develop well and grow. Leave the bulbs in the ground, the corms do not need to be dug up. Allow the leaves to die back naturally after flowering. As soon as the growing season starts, other perennial garden plants and flower bulbs will hide their wilting foliage.

Crocus Sativus – The Saffron Crocus

Crocus Sativus – also known as the Saffron Crocus – is an autumn flowering crocus, flowering from September to October. This great little plant is much-loved and revered, as it is the stamen of these small flowers that are picked and sold as saffron. The saffron crocus looks very different to other varieties. If you would like to grow an unusual and exotic flower in your garden, we recommend planting crocus sativus. Plant the corms in late summer. If you wish to raise them to be able to harvest your own saffron, growers recommend planting the bulbs in an area where no other flower bulbs have grown before to prevent the corms from disease and mould.

Buy Crocus bulbs for a colourful spring

In early spring, crocus bulbs ensure a wonderful colour gradation in your garden. Have you ever seen a strip of flowered crocuses in the grass? It’s a wonderful sight. You can also brighten up your own lawn with our crocus bulbs. Koeman Garden Centre sells several bulk packages of crocus bulbs in numerous colours including white, pink, yellow and purple variants and we also sell bulk packages of crocuses mixed with tulip bulbs. Crocus bulbs are not only suitable for the lawn but also do very well in a flower box and in a pot on the terrace or on the balcony.

Crocus: cheerfulness in the garden

Crocuses give cheer and colour to the garden and the lovely delicate flowers of the crocus combine beautifully with other flower bulbs and garden plants. There are spring and winter flowering varieties. With our crocus bulbs in spring and winter combined with an extensive choice of other spring and summer flowering bulbs, you can enjoy an optimally flowered garden throughout the year.

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