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Garden Centre Koeman is the leading online garden centre in the Netherlands and the UK! Let us inspire you with our exclusive range of flower bulbs, garden seeds and perennials. As well as plants, we have a wonderful range of quality garden tools (Sneeboer, Burgon & Ball, Haws, Rostaing) and affordable pet supplies. If you are looking for a quick, easy and safe way to buy your garden supplies online, then you have come to the right place! Easy to buy and with a guaranteed quick delivery!

Garden tips for January, February, March, April, and May



The Dahlia! Dahlia’s are beautiful and unique, and they are available in many varieties. Such as the cactus, pompon, decorative and dinner plate (huge flowers). The dahlia is available from mid-January to mid-May. When you receive them, you can store them in a dark place until March just like potatoes. Plant them in the garden from March to May.

Do you want a unique and impressive flower display in your garden? Please browse our dahlia range.



The hydrangea is a flowering shrub, available in many varieties and indispensable in the garden. Hydrangeas are best planted from March to May, providing blooms from June to August. The hydrangea is an excellent border filler. It is an attractive plant for the front garden. It also thrives in full sun and partial shade. You can also plant hydrangeas in pots. So many possibilities!

Fill your summer garden with lush blooms with our beautiful hydrangea range.



Unique flowers and an exotic garden plant. The peony is hardy and therefore, only needs to be planted once. After that, it will take a while for it to bloom, but then you can enjoy a stunning flower display every summer. Peonies are available from January to mid-May. Plant them in the garden immediately after purchase.

Do you also want to enjoy a garden full of peonies? Please browse our peony range.



Gladiolus is available from January until June. They provide elegant flower spikes which are perfect in perennial gardens. They come in gorgeous colours. Gladioli combine beautifully with sunflowers. Good to know they also make excellent pot plants. Plant gladiolus bulbs from March to May, for a flower display from June to September.

Create a flower-filled border with our Gladiolus bulbs.



And last but not least: the rose! Roses are vigorous plants with a long flowering period; they flower from June to November. Roses make a great focal point in the garden and they are available in many different varieties, such as large flowering shrub roses and climbing roses.

Create your own rose garden with our selection of roses.

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