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Lily grass

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    Lilyturf 'Monroe White' (Liriope Muscari)

    Lilyturf 'Monroe White' (Liriope Mu..

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      Liriope Muscari For Sale Online

      Liriope Muscari is for sale online in the UK. Liriope Muscari, also known as Lilyturf or Monkey Grass, is an autumn flowering evergreen and a gardeners favourite as it not only flowers late in the garden season but is also an evergreen. As such, this lovely perennial is a great addition to the garden, providing interest when most plants have finished flowering in the late summer season. Lilyturf is rich flowering, producing elegant purple, blue or white coloured flowers (depending on the variety you grow). The flowers resemble spring flowering Muscari bulbs or Blue Grapes, which flourish during spring. This elegant ground cover grows about 30 to 50 centimetres tall and is a lovely addition to any garden. This strong perennial plant is maintenance friendly and grows well in the shade, semi-shade. Lilyturf does flower more profusely as it receives more sunlight. It looks great growing under shrubs or used as edge plant in the flower border.

      Liriope Muscari fertilizer

      As with many perennials, fertilising Liriope Muscari with a slow release fertiliser is recommended. After some years, the nutrients in the garden soil start to deplete. Keep the soil healthy by digging in organically rich compost or humus-rich manure during spring and adding a slow release fertiliser at the beginning of each season. This will ensure beautifully flowering, strong and healthy garden plants. Liriope grows new leaves every spring and flowers in the autumn. It requires little care. As your plants grow, it is advisable to dig them up every couple of years to tear and replant them. Tip: Combines beautifully with Astrantia Major, Hosta, Periwinkle and Garden Ferns for an eye-catching autumn border.

      Pruning Liriope Muscari

      The time for pruning Liriope Muscari is the end of March. Only prune if your plants have unsightly leaves after winter. In that case, cut back to about 5 centimetres above soil level. Your plants will start regrowth during spring.

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