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Lonicera Dropmore Scarlet - Honeysuckle
Lonicera Henryi - Honeysuckle
Lonicera Periclymenum - Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle for sale online

Honeysuckle for sale online. Honeysuckle is the perfect choice to create your atmospheric pergolas, facades and fences. This plant is well-suited to a spot in full or semi-shade. You will thoroughly enjoy the beautiful flowers that are available in many different colours and colour combinations. From late spring to mid-summer, these delicate flowers will bloom into a vibrant visual symphony that is exceptionally pleasing to the eye. From white to purple, and from yellow to red; you will encounter examples from the entire spectrum of colours. Moreover, as soon as dusk begins to settle in, their delicious, sweet smell will spread throughout the garden. Plant honeysuckle close to your home, and on warm summer evenings let the captivating fragrance flow through your open windows and doors.

Honeysuckle cuttings

Making your honeysuckle cuttings is simple. This plant produces plenty of sticks in summer, and even more in autumn to increase your chances of success with your cuttings. To propagate honeysuckle, start by pruning the stems to around 20 cm long. Choose a piece of branch from new growth, when it is just beginning to look a bit woody. Place the cuttings in the ground, ensuring that the soil remains moist and the cutting will be able to break free from the earth. Wait until the cutting is very green before digging it up and transplanting, as large roots will have usually formed by then. Propagating sticks in water is also possible but will yield varying degrees of success. Put beautifully flowering branches into a vase to encourage the formation of new roots. This allows you to enjoy the blooms at the same time as you try out your hand at creating cuttings.

Pruning honeysuckle

Pruning honeysuckle encourages the flowering and healthy growth of your plant. From mid-March, you can prune this climber back as far as you want. This way you will keep the plant under control and avoid an enormous job later. Pruning back longer and older branches will also encourage new, healthy ones to bloom.

Botanical name Honeysuckle: Lonicera

Also known as Lonicera, honeysuckle is an invaluable addition to every garden with its natural ability to climb and wind along with trees, pergolas, walls and fences.

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