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Ranunculus Mix (Large Pack)
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Ranunculus White & Pink Mix
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Ranunculus Pink - Double Pink Buttercup
Ranunculus Purple
Ranunculus Red - Double Red Buttercup
Ranunculus Mix
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Ranunculus - one of the most romantic flowers in the garden

One of the most romantic flowers in the garden, besides roses and peony roses, are Ranunculus. Ranunculus are simple but very elegant flowers that look like they are made of crêpe paper and are wonderfully coloured, varying from orange, red, yellow, white and pink. The Latin name for the Ranunculus, Ranunculus, means frog and this is because they are native to areas in Asia and thrive in damp and wet environments, just like frogs.

Ranunculus - a popular cut flower

Ranunculus are much loved as cut flowers and flower profusely with one Ranunculus bulb guaranteeing at least six to eight flowers. Ordering a flower bulb package from Koeman Garden Centre means that you will have enough Ranunculus flowers to adorn your garden and use as cut flowers to put in a vase. At Koeman Garden Centre you can buy Ranunculus flower bulb packages in one colour or a combination of colours. Our multicoloured Ranunculus flower bulb mix is especially striking.

Ranunculus Bulbs for Sale Online

Ranunculus bulbs are for sale via our online garden centre. Ranunculus flowers are probably one of the most romantic flowers to grow in the garden. Native to ancient Persia and commonly known as Persian Buttercups (not to be mistaken by the common yellow perennial buttercup), they are whimsical and carefree summer flowering bulbs, adding pops of colour to your flower beds, rock garden as well as pots and containers. Persian buttercups have multiple layers of little petals, shaped like a rosette. They are abundant flowering - flowering in July and August - and can produce up to eight flowers per stem in various beautiful colours. The Ranunculus Mix Flower Bulb Collection is much in demand. It contains a palette of bright red, sunny yellow and orange coloured flowers, as well as white and stunning pink. Also very popular is the ranunculus 'Double Orange Buttercup'. A gorgeous bright orange double-flowering variety.

Ranunculus beautiful summer flowering bulbs

Ranunculus bulbs are among the most beautiful of all summer flowering bulbs and old-fashioned favourites. Combine them with ease with other summer flowering bulbs or late flowering spring bulbs and garden perennials like geraniums and calendula. They look beautiful in combination with roses and really catch the eye planted in the front of your flower borders and spilling over pathways. Create a subdued romantic colour scheme with pastel pinks, yellows and whites, on a backdrop of dark green foliage plants. Or dare to go bold with bright reds and oranges and combine them with dark purple flowering perennials or other purposefully contrasting colours. This will give your garden a lot of interest.

Ranunculus Romantic Wedding Bouquet Flower

It's no wonder that Ranunculus flowers are often used in wedding bouquets. Loved by artisan florists around the world, they are very romantic and look very elegant in combination with succulent green leaves and pearl bouquet pins. Because these beautiful garden plants make excellent cut flowers, you can create lovely bouquets and flower arrangements for any special occasion. Many flowers have symbolic meanings. The symbolic meaning of Ranunculus is 'Radiant with Charm'. So when you give a bouquet of these beautiful summer flowers to someone your love, you are in effect saying to the receiver: "You are charming". Which is a lovely thought, isn't it?

Growing Ranunculus in Pots

Growing Ranunculus in pots is an excellent idea, as you can place them anywhere you like outside to enjoy. Ranunculus bulbs are actually tubers and are considered to be tender bulbs. This means that they will need to be dug up before the winter sets in cold northern climates, as they cannot tolerate heavy frost. Plant the tubers in well-drained pots large enough to give the plant room to grow. When planting, plant the tubers with their little 'legs', face down in sandy soil, rich in organic matter. Water your plants every week and feed them with a high-quality plant fertiliser every two weeks. This is especially important as they mature, as it will encourage growth and flowering.

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