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Topiary Hedge Shears 70 cm - Barnel
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Buxus shears for sale online

Buxus shears for sale online to easily trim your plants and keep them in great shape. Specialised trimmers for pruning Buxus are indispensable for every garden lover. Buxus or boxwood is a popular, evergreen plant that can be pruned to create a delightful hedge or into individual shapes (topiary). To maintain the nice, dense form of your boxwood plants, it is necessary to prune them at least twice a year. Using sharp shears is highly important when cutting and styling your boxwood. Sharp trimmers prevent damaging the plant and also discourages the growth of mould. Buy good quality shears online in our webshop to easily keep your boxwood in shape.

Best Buxus pruning shears

What are the best Buxus pruning shears available? There are different types of shears which can be used for pruning and shaping, and those used most often are common hedge trimmers. Alternatively, you could purchase a pair of professional shaping shears. This top model from 1730 is not only useful for shaping a boxwood but also for trimming grass edges. Shearers even use these trimmers when shaving their sheep. Beautiful green spheres, deep green hedges or shaping your plants into a horse, duck or a bear; when purchasing your trimmers keep in mind what current form your boxwood has and is eventually going to get. For example, you may need a model of shears that makes shaping a simple job or trimmers that are more suitable for vigorously pruning hedges.

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