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Heuchera for sale online at Garden Centre Koeman. We offer you the highest quality garden tools, plants, seeds and flower bulbs. Buy Heuchera easily online!
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    Coral Bells Palace Purple - Heucher..

    6 heuchera
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    Coral Bells Palace Purple - Heucher..

    3 heuchera
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    Coral Bells Leuchtkäfer - Heuchera
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    Coral Bells Palace Purple - Heuchera
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      Heuchera For Sale Online UK

      Heuchera is for sale via our online garden centre. Heuchera, also known as coral bells or alumroot, is a classic evergreen garden plant. This perennial beauty is very versatile and can be planted in flower borders or used as a ground cover. In any case, this beauty is very easy to combine with many other perennials and dramatic foliage plants. Try mixing coral bells in the flower border with lady's mantle, Phlox, lupine and allium for a stunning effect. Or combine them with ferns, hostas, forget-me-nots and Dicentra for a subtle, yet beautiful woodland grouping. Coral bells are renowned for their long flowering period, blooming from May to August. They are very popular in English ornamental gardens. And did you know that this versatile garden plant provides excellent cut flowers? Together with peony, geranium, allium and Nepeta, you can create a lovely bouquet for your garden or patio table.

      Heuchera varieties

      Heuchera is available in many different shapes and sizes. The diversity of both the colour of the flower and their leaves is unprecedented. With yellow, white to bright red-coloured flowers and bright green to chocolate-coloured leaves, you can find a suitable spot for planting in any type of garden. Formal or informal. An added bonus is that they are evergreen, which means that they will provide year-round interest. Well-known cultivated varieties are ‘Leuchtkäfer’, ‘Rachel’, and ‘Can Can’.

      Heuchera care

      Heuchera needs little care. These lovely plants will grow literally anywhere, provided you plant them in nutrient rich and moist garden soil or in pots on the terrace. This low-maintenance plant adds winter colour to your garden. To be able to enjoy them for as long as possible, we do advise you to plant new plants occasionally and remove older plants. Coral bells are for sale online via our webshop.

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