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Lopper for sale online at Garden Centre Koeman. We offer you the highest quality garden tools, plants, seeds and flower bulbs. Buy Lopper easily online!
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    Garden saw 300 PP combisystem - Gardena
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    Telescopic Compound Action Lopper - Burgon and Ball
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    Garden saw 300 PP curved combisystem - Gardena
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      Tree Loppers for sale online

      Tree loppers are for sale online in our webshop. Use them for the heavier cutting and pruning work in the garden. For most pruning work in the garden pruning shears suffice. But when the branches become too thick to cut with regular pruning shears, it becomes a difficult – if not impossible – task. Tree Loppers are ideal for cutting thicker branches off trees, shrubs and hedges. They have longer handles, making it easier to apply more force to make the cut. The width of the shears is also larger so that even the thickest branches fit between the blades to easily make the cut. Most loppers are not too heavy so they can be lifted and used without problem. Please browse through our range of garden shears, loppers and other garden tools on our website and buy your favourite tool online.

      Telescopic lopper

      Telescopic loppers are special tools created to make cutting branches an easy job. The handle of the tool is adjustable and can be extended. This makes it easy to extend the handle to make it longer or shorter, depending on the job. Thanks to the telescopic handles, you can quickly and easily reach the branches you need to prune during the pruning job at hand. Maintain this pruning tool by cleaning and drying it after use and cleaning it with a special oilcloth to keep it oiled. Telescope Lopper is for sale online in our webshop.

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