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Calluna vulgaris

Calluna vulgaris

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    Winter Heather White Perfection Eri..

    6 Calluna vulgaris
    £ 34.99 £ 25.99

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    Winter Heather White Perfection - Erica

    Winter Heather White Perfection - E..

    1 Calluna vulgaris
    £ 5.99

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    Winter Heather Ghost Hills - Erica..

    6 Calluna vulgaris
    £ 32.99 £ 24.99
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    Common Heather - Calluna (Six-pack)

    6 Calluna vulgaris
    £ 29.99 £ 21.99
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      Heather for Sale Online UK

      Heather for sale online. Buy Heather from our online shop to grow your own colourful winter garden. Also called Erica carnea, winter heath is a popular plant that will bring a splash of colour in the middle of grey winter weather. Originally from South Africa, this attractive plant has more than 600 different species. Sporting green, yellow, orange or bronze leaves, they come contrasted with white, pink and red flowers. Planted in large groups, this winter bloomer will rejuvenate each garden to create a beautiful, colourful winter carpet within 2 to 3 years. This evergreen garden plant is as well suited for the flower border as much as in a pot. It combines beautifully with other steadfast garden plants such as conifers, broom, hydrangea, rhododendron and skimmia japonica. You can buy winter heath online in our webshop.

      Winter heath annual

      Have you wondered if winter heath is an annual or a perennial plant? Well, winter heath is actually a perennial. This garden plant will bring glorious colour to your garden for many years, especially if you take care of it and position it in a nice spot in the garden. Also known as Erica carnea, it loves the sun, sky and ground and effortlessly brings beauty to every garden. Erica carnea can be planted all year round, with this wintergreen ground cover plant requiring little maintenance. Pruning just after it flowers will produce an abundant harvest of blooms in the following year. Cut back its foliage lightly along the top, similarly to how sheep graze upon the top of this plant where it grows wild on the moors. Remove the browning blooms during the flowering season for the most beautiful visual display. Winter heath is an asset to any garden lover who would like to add more colour in the garden or on the balcony in the cold winter months.

      Garden Centre Koeman review Rating: 3.7 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.