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Buxus hedge

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Boxwood hedge 1 meter - Buxus (Six-pack)
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Taxus Media Groenland  ? Yew Hedging
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Taxus Media Groenland  ? Yew Hedging (Six-pack)
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Oval leaf privet - Ligustrum ovalifolium hedge 100x
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100 Plants
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Oval leaf privet - Ligustrum ovalifolium hedge 10x
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10 Plants
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Boxwood hedges for sale online

Boxwood hedges (Buxus sempervirens) for sale at Garden Centre Koeman. Boxwood is a classic evergreen shrub and a popular topiary plant. They can withstand heavy pruning like champs. Single shrubs shaped into spheres or cubes are beautiful and soothing green focal points, especially in flower borders. Boxwood is often used to create attractive boundaries around flower beds, as well as herb and vegetable gardens. Garden Centre Koeman is proud to deliver the very best and highest quality boxwood plants at very affordable prices. Please browse through our website and buy your boxwood hedge plants online with us today.

Boxwood hedge: planting, pruning and care

Plant boxwood hedges in well-drained fertile soil. Water well, but please take care not to let boxwood stand in water, to avoid root rot. Boxwood is an excellent container plant as well as shade tolerant. Fertilize and water container plants regularly. Prune boxwood in May, after all danger of frost has passed (May 15th).

Pruning Boxwood hedges

Prune boxwood regularly to keep them in check. Needless to say: always use clean and sharp shears when pruning. Prune and trim boxwood at least twice a year (in May and September). Three to four times will give you best results if you wish to properly shape your hedges and stand alone plants (May, June and September). The last trim of the season is early September. Always fertilize your plants after pruning, to promote regrowth. Garden Centre Koeman also supplies boxwood fertilizer and quality garden shears. Be sure to check them out!

Boxwood hedges for sale

Boxwood hedges are for sale by mail order via our easy to use webshop. Did you know that you can also buy boxwood hedge plants per metre? You will receive six plants per metre, to create an instant hedge. Click on the "add to cart" button to order and then select the "checkout" option. Your boxwood hedges will be delivered to you via Royal Mail within a couple of days, ready to plant out in the garden! Buy boxwood hedges online at Garden Centre Koeman. Our boxwood plants are high quality and very affordable. Have fun gardening and enjoy!

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