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Order bamboo plants online at Gardencentre Koeman. We offer you the highest quality garden items, plants, seeds and flower bulbs. Buying bamboo is easily done online with us!
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    Fargesia Rufa – Bamboo

    Fargesia Rufa – Bamboo

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      Bamboo for sale online

      Bamboo for sale online, helping you to easily create realms of mystery within your garden. With the gentle sway and rustling sounds of bamboo, it is easy to imagine yourself in distant, exotic places. There are 1400 different bamboo species worldwide. Bamboo is native to the continents of North and South America, Australia, Asia and Africa. This attractive plant comes in many different types and sizes. There low-growing varieties, as well as species that can grow tall rapidly. There are clump-forming types, running bamboo and species with brown, green, red, black or yellow culms. Even when you consider just the leaf types there are many different varieties to choose from. Some species have large furry leaves, yet others have small or narrow leaves with stripes or spots. Visit our online webshop where you can buy many different types of bamboo today.

      Bamboo plants

      Bamboo plants are suitable for any garden whether you have a quiet Japanese style garden, a jungle theme, or even a modern city garden. Bamboo looks stunning in borders but also grows very well in a large tub or container. Bamboo makes a wonderful decorative garden feature as a solitary plant, positioned as a hedge, used as ground cover or planted next to a beautiful water feature. Plant bamboo from the moment the last of the ground frost is gone. This hardy plant will feel at home in full sun or partial shady garden areas. Preferably choose a garden spot that where it isn’t too windy. By regularly watering and fertilising your plants, they will grow strong, green and healthy. And bamboo will reward you with its many beautiful plumes and leaves. Bamboo is a strong species that can prosper and grow under many different circumstances. Did you know that bamboo is one of the few varieties of plants that endured the enormous heat of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima in 1945?

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