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Asparagus knife

Asparagus knives for sale online at Garden Centre Koeman. We offer you the highest quality garden tools, plants, seeds and flower bulbs. Buy Asparagus knife easily online!
    Asparagus Knife - Burgon and Ball

    Asparagus Knife - Burgon and Ball

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      Asparagus knife for sale online

      Asparagus knife for sale online to harvest your asparagus quickly and easily. Nothing is as tasty as asparagus fresh from your garden. This delicious seasonal vegetable comes in green, white and purple varieties. White asparagus grows in an asparagus bed under the ground, while green and purple asparagus grow above ground. White asparagus does not tolerate sunlight, as it will them quickly discolour. Therefore, it is important to harvest white asparagus as soon as the white cups of this delicious vegetable breach the garden soil. Harvesting asparagus really is an easy job with the aid of an asparagus knife. By thrusting this tool handle-deep into the ground, you will be able to cut the stalk of the asparagus diagonally, simplifying the overall task. Select from different brands of asparagus knives in our webshop.

      Where can I buy asparagus knives

      Where can I buy asparagus knives? This garden tool can be purchased in our webshop where you can choose from a wide selection of quality garden tools. We stock several brands that feature quality knives for cutting asparagus in their range. Burgon & Ball and Sneeboer are just two companies who offer various asparagus knives of the highest quality. For example, Burgon & Ball asparagus blades can both saw and cut, and the Sneeboer asparagus knife sports a nice ash wood grip. The advantage of a good quality garden tool is the handle; a wooden handle is pleasant to the touch, fits well in the palm and makes cutting your asparagus a lot more enjoyable. To harvest asparagus professionally and perfectly presented, an asparagus knife is an indispensable piece of equipment for the vegetable garden lover.

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