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Slug pellets against slugs 500 gr - Solabiol

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Slug pellets against slugs 500 gr - Solabiol
Slug pellets against slugs 500 gr - Solabiol
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Product description

Slug pellets against slugs 500 gr - Solabiol Natria slug pellets are based on the active ingredient ferric phosphate (iron(III) phosphate). The granules are attractive to slugs. Immediately after they ingest the pellets, the snails stop eating. The occurring eating stop is not accompanied by a strong mucus formation. The snails retreat to their hiding place and die shortly after. Slug pellets are not effective in cases where the snails are continuously located on the crop. In that case, early treatment is necessary. Does not combat snails that live underground (such as Carinaria) and subsequently does not prevent damage to potato crops attacked by this species.
  • Application method: Sprinkle.
  • Rainproof Pet friendly
  • Pets can use the garden after use


Delivery time3 Days
CategorySnail Control
EAN Code8712171018747
Product codeBJ-84943738
Unit1 Piece
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