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Tree glue band 2.5 m - Ecostyle

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Tree glue band 2.5 m - Ecostyle
Tree glue band 2.5 m - Ecostyle
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Product description

Glue tape 2.5 m ECOstyleProtects trees against crawling insects. The application of the ECOstyle adhesive tape around the trunk protects the tree against winter butterfly and other crawling pests. Providing a natural barrier that insects cannot get past, it is particularly effective against ants who find the glue tape an insurmountable obstacle.Small and large Winter mothThe caterpillars of the Winter moth (Operophtera brumata) devour the leaf, flower and fruit of the plants. Pupating in summer, the winter butterfly emerges from the pupa once the first night of frost has fallen. The unwinged female crawls to the top of the tree via the trunk, laying her eggs along the way.Horse chestnut mothThe larvae of the Horse chestnut moth (Cameraria ohridella) eat their way through the leaves of the tree, causing them to discolour and dry out. The moth s pupation cycle coincides with the plant dropping its leaves, where the larvae can hibernate on the ground among them. Come spring the moth exits the pupa and crawls or flies up the trunk to the crown of the tree, laying their eggs on top of the leaves along the way. Horse chestnut moths produce several generations of larvae per year.Ants and aphidsAphids cause growth retardation and dry, distorted leaves. Aphids excrete leaf sugars that are removed by ants and transported to their nests along the stems of the plant. Ants maintain aphid colonies and protect them from their enemies. By stopping ants, ladybugs and other beneficial insects are more easily able to fight aphids.


Delivery time3 Days
CharacteristicsFertilization and control
EAN Code8711731001984
Product codeBJ-1100198
Unit1 Piece
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