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Hortensia - Hydrangea AZ Manure 1.6 kg - Ecostyle

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Hortensia - Hydrangea AZ Manure 1.6 kg - Ecostyle
Hortensia - Hydrangea AZ Manure 1.6 kg - Ecostyle
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Product description

Hortensia-AZ is tailored to the specific nutritional needs of all types of hydrangeas. Equipped with microorganisms and the RhizaMax® root activator, it will improve soil health and strengthen the plant. Healthy soil fertile with microbial life is the basis for the optimal development of your hortensias. Hortensia-AZ encourages your hydrangeas to bloom bountifully. The ECOstyle AZ fertiliser is enriched with a unique mix of bacteria, fungi and protozoa. This ensures a well-balanced soil that provides the hydrangea with extra nutrition. For long-flowering plants and all types of hydrangeas. Instructions:Spread the fertiliser evenly over the ground and work the granules through the top layer of the soilWater to speed up activationSprinkle AZ-Kalk around your hydrangeas once a year for an even better resultSpread Hortensia-AZ evenly over the root range of the plant and then rake lightly Fertilising twice a year is enough to produce a great result


Delivery time3 Days
CharacteristicsFertilization and control
Product codeBJ-1102661
Unit1 Piece
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