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Fertimoss against moss in lawns 3.5 kg - Luxan

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Fertimoss against moss in lawns 3.5 kg - Luxan
Fertimoss against moss in lawns 3.5 kg - Luxan
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Product description

Fertimoss is a fast-acting product for effectively combating moss in lawns. Unlike traditional iron sulphate, it stands out for its convenient and clean use. This is due to its dust-free, uniform granular form and the handy spreader, which allows the product to be spread directly and accurately.

Fertimoss also contains the nutrient element nitrogen, which stimulates grass growth. This will help bare patches in your lawn, which can occur after the moss dies off and is raked out, to fill in more quickly. Consult the instructions on the packaging before use.

The recommended dose is 80 g/m2, sufficient for 40-45 m2.
  • Sweep granules that land on your patio, driveway, or other hard surfaces directly into the grass while spreading to prevent stains.
  • If the moss changes colour after a few days, the lawn can be scarified. Remove the dead moss and reseed the bare patches.
  • Fertimoss is intended for private use only in (community) gardens.
  • Apply the product between May and August.
  • Treat mossy lawns with Fertimoss during the grass growth period. Avoid using Fertimoss in windy weather to prevent granule drift onto patios and ponds.
  • To effectively combat moss with Fertimoss, it is recommended not to mow the lawn three days before application and to mow again four days after application.
  • Do not walk on the lawn after treatment with Fertimoss until it has rained or been irrigated. If there is no rain within 48 hours of application, irrigate the lawn.


Delivery time2 Days
CharacteristicsFertilization and control
CategoryFertilization and control
Product codeBJ-1113000255
Unit1 Piece

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