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Natria Pyrethrum Insecticide spray 400 ml - Solabiol/SBM

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Natria Pyrethrum Insecticide spray 400 ml - Solabiol/SBM
Natria Pyrethrum Insecticide spray 400 ml - Solabiol/SBM
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Product description

For the control of a wide variety of insects, yet safe for bees. This product contains vegetable pyrethrins and has a short-term effect. Once the spray has dried, insects are no longer affected by it. Therefore, the safety period between application and crop harvest is 2 days. It s important to moisten the plant well on all sides, especially the underside of the leaves. During high temperatures, spraying is preferred during the evening. If necessary, repeat the application after one week. Black bean aphids on broad beans can be controlled with Pyrethrum during flowering.


Delivery time3 Days
Locationfull shade
half shade
full sun
CharacteristicsFertilization and control
CategoryFertilization and control
Product codeBJ-86600203
Unit1 Piece
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