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Slug Tape Copper 400cm / 2,8cm

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Slug Tape Copper 400cm / 2,8cm
Slug Tape Copper 400cm / 2,8cm
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Product description

Snails have many nerves in their underside. These nerves react with copper and they will preferably avoid the contact with it.Copper strips are the safest solution to snail problems. This form of biological control is completely harmless to plants, snails themselves, birds, cats and humans. Moreover, these rings are also harmless for hedgehogs and for snail eaters. They are also recommended by the British hedgehog protection.The tape has an adhesive side and is suitable for flower pots.When installing ensure that the earth is free from snail eggs and no overhanging leaves are along, since snails can still climb on them.Product information:


Delivery time3 Days
CharacteristicsFertilization and control
Product codeLX-73035
Unit1 Piece
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