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Bio Basil Red Rubin - Ocimum Basilicum
Bio basilicum Genovese
Kit Basil & Chives ORGANIC

Buy organic basil seeds

Buy organic basil seeds – it is a responsible choice for both the environment as well as your health. These carefully selected seeds not only promise a refined taste but also mark the first step towards sustainable gardening. Free from harmful chemicals, these seeds yield beautiful, wonderfully fragrant basil plants and contribute to a healthy, green world. And it's not just enjoyable but also straightforward. Buy organic basil seeds online and discover the pleasure of growing your own organic basil!

Plant organic basil seeds: The beginning of a sustainable culinary adventure

Plant organic basil seeds – it is not only a fun garden activity but also the start of a flavourful journey. From sustainability to culinary creativity, these seeds offer more than just a harvest of fresh herbs - they provide a connection to nature and the satisfaction of homegrown food. Plant organic basil seeds in well-draining soil and give them the warmth they deserve. These sun-lovers thrive best with full sun, so plant these organic basil seeds in a sunny spot in your garden.

Sow organic basil seeds: 4 handy tips

Sow organic basil seeds – it is fun and very easy to do. You can enjoy fresh basil in no time with these four handy tips:

Choose the right variety: There are different types of basil. In addition to green, purple, and red basil, there's also lemon basil, cinnamon basil, Thai, and Greek basil. Discover which basil you like the most and enrich your (herb) garden.
Provide nutritious soil: Enrich the soil with compost for essential nutrition, encourage soil life, and choose sustainable soil improvers for healthy growth of organic basil.
Location: Basil plants love sunlight, so make sure you choose a sunny and sheltered spot in the garden for sowing.
Sowing, harvesting, and caring: Place the basil seeds in small pots with potting soil and cover them lightly. Keep the soil moist and warm until the seedlings germinate. Transplant them to larger pots or the garden once they're big enough. Give the basil plant enough water, as basil prefers to absorb water through the roots, so water the plant in the pot or on the soil. Trim the leaves regularly from the plant, and it will keep growing.

Once you've started sowing and planting organic basil seeds, you won't want anything else. Buy, plant, sow, and experience the pleasure and delicious flavours of your own fresh herbs in the garden or on your balcony. Check out our range of organic basil seeds which are for sale online in our webshop.

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