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    Actinidia Kolomikta - Mini Kiwi

    Actinidia Kolomikta - Mini Kiwi

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      Actinidia arguta for sale online

      Actinidia arguta for sale online. Grow your own delicious mini kiwis in the garden. Actinidia arguta, also known as kiwi berry, hardy berry and baby kiwi, is a hardy climber that copes well in the English winter. Native to Northern China, Japan, Korea and Russian Siberia, it can now be found in many countries around the world. Featuring pendulous, sturdy branches bearing abundant fruit, Actinidia arguta can grow up to 15 metres high and is adorned with beautiful, oval-shaped leaves. There are different types of mini kiwi, with Issai being one of the most popular species. This self-pollinating variety is early flowering and ideal for smaller gardens and balconies. These hairless mini kiwis are packed with vitamin C. They contain more vitamin C than an ordinary kiwi. Buy Actinidia arguta online for a delicious and healthy treat straight from the garden.

      Actinidia kolomikta

      Actinidia kolomikta is an ornamental kiwi favoured amongst gardeners around the world for its striking foliage. The leaves of this deciduous climbing plant are large, splashed in pink and white, and look as if their tips have been dipped into a can of white paint. When planted in a spot that gets abundant sun, this special creeper will survive even the harshest of English winters. Come early summer it begins producing beautifully striking, fragrant white flowers which grow into edible, yellowish fruits. The more sun the fruits get, the sweeter the fruits will taste. When winding itself around a pergola or fence, Actinidia kolomikta can grow to around 2-3 metres high, making it ideally suited to plant in a sheltered place in the sun in a small garden, or in a pot on a balcony.

      Pruning Actinidia

      Pruning Actinidia is quite a simple task, and you will be pleased to discover this robust grower will quickly establish itself in your garden. Pruning Actinidia promotes new growth, with summer being the best time to cut back your kiwi berry to help keep the plant in check.

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