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Aquatic Plants

Aquatic Plants

Aquatic Plants for sale online at Garden Centre Koeman. We offer you the highest quality garden tools, plants, seeds and flower bulbs. Buy Aquatic Plants easily online!
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    Zantedeschia Pastel Mix

    3 calla lily bulbs
    £ 12.99 £ 8.99
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    Italian Arum

    Italian Arum

    5 plant(s) only
    £ 3.99
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      Aquatic plants for sale online

      Aquatic plants for sale online to create your very own attractive and healthy pond. From beautiful water lilies to duckweed, yellow iris to marsh marigold; all plants that grow on, under or in the water are classified as aquatic plants. They are important to keep the water in ponds healthy and ensure that algae grow more slowly. These plants draw food and nutrients from the water and in return release oxygen. In this way, they ensure the environment is healthy for the animals and other plants in the pond. Coming in various shades and hues of green, there are also species that bloom cheerfully with colourful flowers. For example, the well-known and beautiful water lily, queen of the pond plants. Buy aquatic plants online for a healthy pond that you can truly be proud of.

      Aquatic pond plants

      When you think of aquatic pond plants, you will naturally think of the water lily. Water lilies are available in many different colours and types. Flowers in yellow, white and pink bloom beautifully in the late spring surrounded by large green leaves. The leaves of the water lily provide shade for fish, frogs and other animals that live in the water below. There are other types of aquatic plants that are equally suitable for your pond, like the yellow marsh marigold. This plant belongs among the most beautiful pond plants, and flowers joyfully with yellow blooms in the spring. Did you know that both water lily and yellow marsh marigold also grow in the wild? Make your pond a real eye-catcher by planting these gorgeous water plants.

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