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Alpine Aster Blue - Aster Alpinus
Aster dumosus Anneke - Bushy Aster
Kalimeris incisa Blue Star - Kalimeris
Aster Prof. Anton Kippenberg - Aster (Six-pack)
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Aster ageratoides Asran - Autumn Aster
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Autumn Aster for sale online

Autumn Aster for sale online to grow beautiful autumn flowers in your garden. These hardy plants begin displaying their warm-coloured blossoms just as your summer flowers are starting to fade. From August through until the first appearance of frost, you can enjoy the exuberant flowering of these plants for an extended period of time. Planted in a border, or a pot, as ground cover, in a rock garden or within a colourful flower garden; these versatile plants will make a stunning statement no matter what the setting. The cheerful, star-shaped flowers are also highly attractive to butterflies, bees and birds. They combine beautifully with ornamental grasses Autumn Aster is for sale online. Bring a burst of colour to your garden in the late summertime.

Aster, the ideal plant for any border

Aster is a popular ornamental garden plant. Due to its striking foliage, exuberant flowering, and beautifully shaped flowers, Aster is a welcome addition to the flower border. This ground cover plant likes to be in the sun or partial shade. Provide well-draining garden soil for strong growth and flowering and give plants extra water when in full bloom. When the Aster is in full bloom, make the most of it and regularly cut some flowers and put them in a vase. Asters provide excellent cut flowers. This way, you can enjoy this beautiful flower both indoors and out.

Autumn Aster blue

Autumn Aster blue is a perfect choice for every garden. Asters are available in shades of blue-purple, white, pink, lilac and deep red. With vibrant, cheerfully striking colours and a bright yellow heart, they attract everyone's attention. These hardy perennials re-grow each year, preferring to be in a nice spot in the full sun or even tolerating light shade. Combine them in a border with other perennials like monkshood, coneflower, Autumn Anemones and Geraniums, and you will not be disappointed. Mixing your own combination of different types of asters can also yield you one beauty of a border. Tip: Plant Autumn Aster blue in a pot or basket and position it at the front door. This way you will give your visitors an extra warm welcome in the autumn.

Pruning Autumn Aster

Pruning Autumn Aster is a simple job which should be performed at the end of October, just after the flowering season has finished. As soon as your Aster has ceased blossoming, the faded stems can be cut back to the ground.

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