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    Euonymus Fortunei Emerald Gaiety - Spindle Tree
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    Euonymus Fortunei Emerald n' Gold - Spindle Tree
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    Euonymus Japonicus Green Spire - Japanese Spindle C2
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    Euonymus Japonicus Green Spire - Japanese Spindle P10,5
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      Euonymus for sale online

      Euonymus for sale online. Euonymus is an evergreen plant favoured by garden lovers around the world. It comprises about 130 species. Some varieties thrive as solitary trees or bushes in the garden, and others are suitable as a ground cover or climbing plants. Some species lose their leaves in autumn whilst others are at their most lush in autumn. Euonymus – or Spindle tree – often blossoms with small, unobtrusive flowers, while the fruits of this plant are quite striking. These red-hearted fruits resemble a cardinal's hat, and as soon as they have ripened, bright orange seeds emerge. Euonymus is for sale online in our webshop.

      Euonymus alatus plants

      Euonymus alatus plants can happily find a home in almost any spot in your garden. This maintenance-friendly, hardy plant is content to be in the full sun but also feels at home in semi-shade. This garden plant can grow almost everywhere but does not cope well in heavy clay soils. As the days shorten and the nights become longer Euonymus alatus will begin to display its beautiful autumn colours. The leaves take on a beautifully vibrant, flaming, deep-red colour. Before the fruits emerge prominently, this garden plant produces rich, yellowish-green flowers. It is spectacular in the garden. Even at temperatures of -32, it will survive. However, be warned it is very sensitive to drought, yet at the same time, it does not like its roots to be water-logged.

      Pruning Euonymus

      Pruning Euonymus is quite a simple task. The best time to prune somewhat depends on the species. For example, it is best to trim alatus in winter to maintain the shape of the bush, while it is better to prune fortunei in the spring.

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