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Fuchsia plants for sale

Fuchsia plants are for sale online. Fuchsias are tropical plants, from the Caribbean to the deep, dark jungles of South America. They are flowering exuberantly during the summer months and add vibrancy to your garden. Fuchsias are a popular choice for their incredible variety of colours, and long-lived and bountiful flowering period from July right through to October. Avoid planting your fuchsia in full sun, and make sure you give them plenty of water during their growth and flowering phases. With just a little maintenance you will ensure you get a whole summer of enjoyment from this fun plant in your garden, on your balcony or terrace. Tip: Promptly remove faded blooms from your plants to ensure an abundance of new blossoms. A top choice for the lovers of beautiful flowers.

Fuchsia plant species

There are many different species of fuchsia plants: Around 100 individual species and more than 1,200 hybrids. In the average suburban garden, hybrids are the plant of choice as they are bred for their showy, abundant blooms. Because of this selective breeding process, hybrids can produce large, pendulous flowers that are quite easy to damage. It is, therefore, important to ensure that you plant your fuchsia in a sheltered position that is not exposed to strong winds. Your fuchsia plant will prefer a shady spot with lots of water, adequate drainage, and minimal temperature extremes. With such a huge variety of shapes and colours to choose from, this plant is suitable for any garden, terrace or balcony. Order your favourite fuchsia plant species from our online shop today.

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