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Grape plant

Grape plant

Grape for sale online at Garden Centre Koeman. We offer you the highest quality garden tools, plants, seeds and flower bulbs. Buy Grape easily online!
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    Grape Vine Manure 750 gr Doypack - Viano

    Grape Vine Manure 750 gr Doypack -..

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    Grape Vroege van der Laan - Vitis Vinifera
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    Grape Rembrandt - Vitis Vinifera

    Grape Rembrandt - Vitis Vinifera

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    Grape Frankenthaler - Vitis Vinifera
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      Grape plant for sale online

      Grape plant for sale online. Nothing is more satisfying than eating home-grown grapes. With large bunches of juicy grapes and beautiful leaves that change from spring green to deep crimson come autumn: Grapevines or Vitis are an eye-catching feature in every garden. Many species thrive in our English climate. Like Boskoop Glory for example. This strong climber grows big juicy bunches of dark blue grapes that are known for their delicious, full flavour. Ideal for eating or turning into wine. The white grape variety Bianca is also very popular and easy to grow. All they need is lots of sun and well-drained, not too fertile soil. Grapes must know a little struggle to bloom and grow. We have a lovely selection of Grapevines for sale in our webshop. Please browse through our collection and pick your favourite in online shop.

      Grapevine plant

      Plant Grapevine in the garden in spring or autumn. Take care not to plant them after the first-night frosts. This will make it difficult for the young roots to take the moisture they need to grow. The older a grape is, the longer the roots are and the deeper the roots grow to reach groundwater. Always plant grape plants in a nice sunny spot. Grapes love the sun, the warmth allows the fruit to develop well. Because it is a climbing plant, they do need to be trained. A fence or pergola is a lovely option. You can create a beautiful natural shady sanctuary from the hot sun in south-facing gardens.

      Pruning Grapes

      Pruning Grapes is vital to their health. By pruning twice a year, you stimulate the plant to grow as well as keep them under control. They also benefit from pruning by producing a bigger fruit yield. Prune Grapevines in early winter. November-December. Prune the canes back to the second eye.

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