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Japanese Anemone

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Japanese anemone 'Honorine Jobert' (Anemone) (Six-pack)
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Anemone Splendens - Japanese Anemone
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Japanese anemone for sale online

Japanese anemone for sale online to create a vibrant and cheerfully colourful garden. Japanese anemone, otherwise known as Japanese Windflower, is a long flowering garden plant. From July to October, well after most other plants have finished blossoming, Japanese anemone continues to flower profusely with lovely blossoms of white, pink and purple. Found initially growing in ravines, forests and in the cool undergrowth of China and Japan, anemone thrives best in a humus-rich position in the semi-shade. This exuberant bloomer also features nice thick foliage. Planted in a group or pot, this ornamental makes a real eye-catcher when featured in combination with perennials such as ferns, hostas, hydrangeas, astilbe or verbena. And did you know that this plant provides beautiful cut flowers?

Pink Japanese anemone

Pink Japanese anemone is one of the most admired examples of this favourite species. Varieties like "Red Riding Hood" with its striking dark pink flowers and "Queen Charlotte" with its sweet, light pink flowers are also highly prized. Dancing and waving in a gentle breeze, their fragrant blossoms will attract the attention of both humans and insects alike. Because anemone blooms long and late, you will find your garden frequently visited by curious bumblebees and honeybees. From sleek city gardens to a country cottage garden, or rock gardens to a wild, rambling garden; with dense foliage and flowers that rise proudly above the surrounding leaves, the anemone is suitable whatever your horticultural style may be. Do you have Japanese anemone in the garden? Be sure to take extra care that you do not damage the roots when using a hoe nearby, as the anemone's root system lay quite close to the soil surface.

Pruning Japanese anemone

Pruning Japanese anemone is not necessary. This perennial grows beautifully on its own. Removing faded flowers during flowering and cutting it back during spring is sufficient to keep this plant looking beautiful and healthy. It is recommended to give your anemone some compost once it has finished flowering though.

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