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Lilac plants

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Syringa Meyeri Palibin - Lilac
Syringa Microphylla Superba - Lilac

Lilac For Sale Online

Lilac for sale online. With her large, scented blooms in late spring or early summer, the Common Lilac is a favourite of many garden enthusiasts as well as butterflies. This popular ornamental flowering plant is native to the Balkans, where it grows on rugged rock slopes. In England, it is not uncommon to see Syringa vulgaris growing in small, romantic gardens, cottage gardens and cutting gardens. The scented white to dark purple blooms make excellent cut flowers. Combine the cut flowers with hyacinths, anemones, roses and peonies, to create a beautiful spring bouquet. This elegant ornamental tree is a must-have for the gardener who loves beautiful, scented flowers and butterflies. Plant it as a stand-alone in the garden to enjoy its sweet scents. Combine Syringa with Butterfly Bush, Hydrangea, Hosta, Peony Roses and Salvia for a beautiful border.

Grafted Lilac Bush

A Grafted Lilac Bush or Tree is an excellent container plant. Grafted Lilac trees in pots do not grow as large as their garden counterparts, so you can easily find a spot for it in your garden, terrace or even your balcony. Their beautiful, fresh green heart-shaped leaves and romantic blooms make them eye-catching must-have garden plants. Container plants do need regular watering and fertilising. Place your potted Lilac in a sunny spot out of the wind. Did you know that Lilac flowers are edible? There are many recipes for sugaring edible flowers online. Use sugared or candied lilac flowers to decorate (wedding) cakes and cupcakes alike. Delicious with whipped cream.

Lilac Tree Pruning

The best moment for pruning Lilac trees is immediately after flowering. The plants can grow quite large. If you find your Lilac tree too large, simply prune to remove thick old branches from the previous year's growth to about 30 cm. Remove spent blooms immediately after flowering.

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