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    Lychnis chalcedonica (Rose Campion)

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    Lychnis chalcedonica - Rose Campion..

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    Arkwright's Campion 'Vesuvius' (Lychnis arkwrightii)

    Arkwright's Campion 'Vesuvius' (Lyc..

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    Lychnis chalcedonica - Rose Campion..

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      Lychnis for sale online

      Lychnis for sale online in our webshop. Also known as white cockle, Lychnis is a herbaceous plant that belongs to the Caryophyllaceae family. A native to Europe, Asia and Africa, the cheerful and brightly coloured flowers are renowned for bringing a touch of colour to swampy meadows and ditches throughout the countryside. Fortunately, this hardy plant thrives just as well in an English garden. To choose an ideal spot for your plant, look for a slightly shaded position where the soil stays moist to wet throughout the year. In May and June, brightly coloured flowers will appear on its hairy stems in purple-pink, pink, white or red. Did you know that Lynchis also make excellent cut flowers?

      Lychnis coronaria

      Lychnis coronaria, also known as rose campion, a popular variety. Originating from Southern Europe, this floral beauty will attract everyone's attention with its cheerful blossoms of purple-red, magenta, soft pink or white; in contrast are the hairy silver-grey stems and striking stamens that sit at the centre of each flower. This attractive plant has a long flowering period, grows quickly and maintenance free. Plant rose campion in a beautiful sunny garden spot, and it will bloom abundantly. Planted on its own or in a group, Lychnis coronoria makes a wonderful addition to the borders of either a city or cottage garden. Combine it with poppies, alliums, snapdragon, irises and cornflowers for a strikingly beautiful and brightly coloured border during summer.

      Pruning Lychnis

      The best time to prune most Lychnis varieties is just after flowering. Cut the plants back to about 10 – 15 cm above the ground after flowering. Do not cut away all the stems though, as this is where the seeds are formed. The seeds will give you another crop of beautiful flowers come next summer.

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