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Nepeta for sale online at Garden Centre Koeman. We offer you the highest quality garden tools, plants, seeds and flower bulbs. Buy Nepeta easily online!
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    Nepeta Faassenii - Catnip (Six pack..

    6 nepeta
    £ 19.99 £ 14.99

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    Nepeta Walker’s Low - Catnip (Six..

    6 nepeta
    £ 20.99 £ 15.99

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    Nepeta Faassenii - Catnip

    Nepeta Faassenii - Catnip

    1 nepeta
    £ 3.99

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    Catmint Six Hills Giant - Nepeta fa..

    6 nepeta
    £ 20.99 £ 15.99

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    Nepeta Walker’s Low - Catnip
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    Plant Mix Nepeta faassenii & Heleni..

    6 plants only
    £ 21.99 £ 15.99

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    Catmint Six Hills Giant - Nepeta faassenii
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      Catnip Nepeta Faassenii for sale online?

      Catnip Nepeta Faassenii is for sale in our webshop. Catnip is a classic cottage garden plant. And very popular because of its long flowering period from July to September. Catnip is a true all-rounder, an excellent plant for your flower border. It is easy to combine with many different types of perennials. This plant has classic lavender-coloured flowers that combine beautifully with the round leaves of garden geraniums and lady's mantle. Combine catnip with echinacea, monarda or opt for bold orange, yellow or red coloured combinations with Crocosmia, nasturtium or exotic Sprekelia bulbs. You can buy different varieties in our online shop. It is a real garden classic you can’t do without as an avid gardener.

      Nepeta perennial care

      Nepeta is a low maintenance perennial that needs little care to thrive. It is a sun-loving plant that prefers dry, humus-rich, chalky soil. Flowering catnip attracts butterflies and bees as soon as it starts blooming. It is a beautiful plant if you wish to grow a butterfly garden. It is also an excellent container plant for terrace or balcony.

      Nepeta catnip and cats

      Nepeta is called “catnip” for a reason. The plant is simply irresistible to cats. Much to the dislike of many avid gardeners. For some reason, cats are very attracted to the smell of this plant. If you wish to prevent cats from ruining your plants, you can buy environmentally friendly cat repellent via our website.

      Buy Nepeta online?

      You can buy nepeta online through our webshop. There are several different types of plants to choose from. All equally beautiful. Ordering is easy. Simply add the plant you wish to buy to your shopping cart and checkout. You will receive your purchase at home within a few days. Ready to enjoy. Great right?

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