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Buy orchids online

Buy orchids online today to enliven not just your garden, but even your balcony as well. The garden orchid, also known as toad lily, is a beautiful and exotic plant that has flowers very similar to an orchid flower. These colourful flowers come in white, yellow, pink, purple and blue and are dotted with coloured speckles. Very striking. Planted in the shade within a group, this Asian beauty is bound to attract everyone's attention. To create a truly striking appearance, combine this garden plant with ferns or hostas. Tip: Plant right next to the terrace, garden path or sidewalk so you can enjoy the unusual beauty and delicious scents of your orchids as you stroll past. Buy orchids online in our webshop today to add an exotic touch to your garden or balcony.

Orchid care

Orchid care is essential to maintain these beautiful flowers within your garden or on the balcony. Orchids come in many different types, and each type has its own specific care requirements. Growing these plants in the garden is not difficult, though, if you follow these core principles. Most varieties that thrive and bloom in the garden hate manure and like to stand in moist garden soil (a unique potting mixture is ideal). Also, this Asian beauty does not like frost or having to endure the full rays of the summer sun. If you make an effort to consistently take excellent care of these plants, you will enjoy bright and abundant flowers in the late summer through to early autumn. Incidentally, the exotic, star-shaped flowers of this plant make excellent cut flowers to brighten up a garden bouquet.

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