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Pampas grass

Pampas grass

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    Cortaderia Selloana Pink Feather (6..

    6 plant(s) only
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    Cortaderia Selloana Pink Feather

    Cortaderia Selloana Pink Feather

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    Cortaderia Selloana White Feather - Pampas Grass

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    Cortaderia Selloana White Feather (..

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    Pampas grass white 'Pumila' (Cortaderia selloana)

    Pampas grass white 'Pumila' (Cortad..

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      Pampas grass for sale online

      Pampas grass for sale online in our webshop. Officially known as Cortaderia, it is one of the most impressive and striking of all ornamental grasses. Originally from South America, Cortaderia is available in around 25 different species. This plant forms large, beautiful pollen-laden plumes of silver-white, cream-white or pink and features sharp serrations on the leaves. With its narrow and gracefully curved 1.5-metre-long leaves and heavy, striking flower spikes; these hardy garden plants are a real treat for the eye. When planted in a border or a beautiful spot next to a pond they can quickly grow to about 2.5 to 3 metres high. This bush requires ample space to grow as it will expand rapidly to around 1.5 meters wide. If you buy your pampas grass to keep in a pot, its overall size will stay much smaller.

      Pampas grass maintenance

      Pampas grass maintenance. This low maintenance ornamental grass will thrive when planted in a sunny position where the soil is not too wet. The more sun this garden plant gets, the more abundantly it will grow and bloom. In winter, protect it against the cold with straw or pine branches. As your pampas grow bigger, stronger and more mature, less protection will be needed. That is unless there is severe frost as this plant is quite susceptible to it. To protect pampas against the cold tie its leaves together for the winter season. Try to avoid too much moisture in the soil of the pot, as this type of grass does not like having its roots too damp.

      Prune pampas grass

      Prune pampas grass at the end of winter to about 30 centimetres above the ground to keep it healthy. Come springtime; this plant quickly returns to a large, full-bodied bush.

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