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    Pieris Japonica Flaming Silver - Japanese Andromeda
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    Pieris Japonica Carnaval - Japanese Andromeda
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      Pieris for sale online

      Pieris for sale online. Buy pieris to add more colour to your winter garden. Pieris, also known as the ‘lily of the valley’ shrub, is an evergreen plant that bursts forth with colour during winter. This winterproof plant is ideal for a city or rock garden and fits in with just about every border. The narrow leaves of this plant will reach down to the ground, which makes pieris ideal for filling up voids in the garden. In winter, this plant produces purple-red buds that will flower beautifully in springtime. At the end of the branches, several bunches of flowers will cluster in white, pink or red. After the spring bloom, this plant leaves yellow-green, copper-coloured red or pink shoots, making it look like your pieris is blooming all over again. Simply beautiful!

      Pieris japonica

      Pieris japonica is the most famous of the heather family. Featuring lovely white flowers which are shaped similar to a cowbell, this favourite plant combines beautifully with azalea, rhododendron or heather. The roots of this plant actually lie exposed on the surface of the soil. Protect these roots from severe frost and be careful when using hoes on the ground nearby. Tip: Do not position this plant in the sun or in a place of full shade. The sun dries out the leaves, and in the shadow, it forms fewer flowers. Instead, find a beautiful spot under a tree or shrub, or in an area that is lit with gently filtered light, and this wintergreen plant will flourish. Planted in a jar, this colourful garden plant is also ideal for brightening your balcony or terrace in winter.

      Pruning Pieris japonica

      The maintenance-friendly pieris japonica is a slow-growing plant. This means it will take it about 10 years to grow taller than a single meter. Pruning is therefore not necessary. However, unsightly stems that have been frozen in winter can be cut away in springtime.

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