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    Skimmia Japonica 'Godrie's Dwarf'
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      Skimmia For Sale Online UK

      Skimmia is for sale online in the UK. Create a colourful and evergreen garden in all seasons. Originally from East Asia, this winter hardy, evergreen shrub is very popular with garden enthusiasts around the world. This strong evergreen plant provides colour to the garden throughout the year. At the end of summer, the first decorative flower buds appear. In the months of May and June, the plant is in full bloom. The leaves are very fragrant. Plant in full shade to semi-shade in the garden in moist, but well-drained chalky or loam soils. Plants are low in maintenance and grow to a maximum of 1,5 metres tall. If your plants receive too little light, yellow spots will appear on the leaves. Should this happen, transplant your plants to a lighter garden area. Skimmia is for sale in our webshop.

      Skimmia Japonica

      This colourful garden plant has two different species: Skimmia Reeveslana and Skimmia Japonica. Striking reddish flower buds decorate Japonica from autumn to spring, followed by beautiful, ivory-white scented flowers. If you wish for your plants to grow (non-edible) red fruits, you will need a male (Skimmia jap. Rubella) and a female plant in the garden. A word of caution, not all varieties grow berries. Japonica is about 1.5 meters tall and looks beautiful, combined with Buxus or Pieris. Tip: Use Skimmia cuttings as Christmas decorations. Combine their striking berries with Holly leaves and ivy and other Christmas greenery to create a festive eye-catcher for your home.

      Pruning Skimmia

      It is not necessary to prune Skimmia plants. This beautiful garden plant grows very compact and only requires pruning if you find it to grow too haphazard or if there are unsightly open areas. If that is the case, then prune immediately after flowering only.

      Garden Centre Koeman review Rating: 4.3 out of 5 based on 396 reviews.